Discover Ayurveda's
Power for Well-being

Discover Ayurveda's
Power for Well-being

Discover Ayurveda's Power
for Well-being

Ayushmat Ayurveda is multifacet Ayurveda under one roof.

Expert (Ayurveda Doctor)

Dr. Deepali Kshire

Deepali Kshire brings over three decades of expertise as a reputed and trustworthy Ayurveda Consultant. For the last 31 years, she has been practicing in her own Pune-based clinic successfully. She has been practicing in collaboration with Panini Ayurveda for many years, embodying the essence of authentic Ayurvedic practices. Specializing in Authentic Panchkarma and Kerala Treatments, her holistic approach caters to the wellness needs of both Indian and international clients. Deepali has many success stories to her credit.


Consultations and Treatments

How can Ayushmat help you?

Our Most Popular Panchkarma

Detox program designed specially for you after consultation with Ayurvedic Physician. Special focus on ‘Diet & Nutrition’ to give you maximum cleansing effect. Effective internal purification to boost up immunity.


Induced & controlled vomiting for kapha Asthma, chronic bronchitis, pollution related respiratory disorders, Hyper-acidity, Allergy.


Induced loose motions for Pitta disorders, skin problems, liver problems, allergy blood impurities, etc.


Medicated oil & herbal decoction enemas used for vata problems, Arthritis, Rheumatic pain, obesity, diabetes, spinal problems etc.


Used for problems of head region, Sinusitis, Migrain, Chronic cold, Headache, Hair Fall etc.

Why Choose Ayushmat?

Ayushmat offers specially designed Panchakarma treatments as per your needs and dosha situation Vatta, Pitta, Kapha. We have well-trained, male and female therapists and friendly staff. Diet is designed as per the specific requirement of the treatment.


Natural Therapies


Pulse Diagnosis


Holistic Approach


Authentic Herbal Preparations


Stay Arrangements for Panchakarma